Make Masonry the Cornerstone of Your Property

Make Masonry the Cornerstone of Your Property

Work with your local masonry contractor in New Bedford, MA

Sloped yards are prone to serious landscaping and irrigation issues. Do you own a property that makes conventional landscaping difficult? Contact the experts at Seaside Masonry to schedule a retaining wall installation in New Bedford, MA.

With over 30 years of experience as a trusted masonry contractor, you can count on us for retaining wall installation that will stand the test of time. Call 774-992-0585 today to set up an appointment for masonry services.

Why are retaining walls important for your property?

The team at Seaside Masonry will survey your property to decide where retaining walls can be utilized. Retaining walls are incredibly important for:

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Stopping water run-off and flooding
  • Reducing maintenance needs in sloped mulch beds
  • Creating depth and usable space on severely sloped earth

We have decades of experience with retaining wall design and installation. Speak with your local masonry contractor today to receive a price estimate in New Bedford, MA.