Add Classic Masonry Features to Your Property

Add Classic Masonry Features to Your Property

Schedule a service like a retaining wall installation in New Bedford, MA and throughout New England

If you imagine a classic home in New Bedford, MA, which features does the house have? Maybe you picture a brick walkway leading up to the house or a stone fireplace in the cozy living room.

You can bring your own home closer to the one you're imagining with the masonry services of Seaside Masonry. Our services range from retaining wall installation services to outdoor kitchen construction services. Call 774-992-0585 to speak with one of our experienced masons today.

Our masons will install a beautiful stone feature

With decades of experience, our masons are prepared for any stone or brick construction project. We work with attention to every detail - and without interrupting your day-to-day.

We can:

  • Complete a patio installation with a decorative brick border
  • Use retaining wall installation services to provide support for a tiered landscape
  • Install a stone chimney that will last for as long as your home stands

To find out more about anything from stone patio installation to brick chimney construction, consult a mason.