Stay on Top of Your Chimney Repair

Stay on Top of Your Chimney Repair

Hire an experienced masonry contractor for your chimney repair or installation services in New Bedford, MA

Chimneys and other roofing components are left exposed to the worst weather throughout the year. Has your chimney seen better days? Contact the experts at Seaside Masonry for professional chimney repair services in New Bedford, MA.

Damaged chimneys can be a serious hazard if left unchecked. You may need a chimney repair if:

  • The flue has soot buildup
  • Cracks or holes are visible
  • Wallpaper is damaged around the chimney
  • The dampers are rusted
  • The cap is missing or damaged

Don't let dangerous smoke and fumes fill your house. Call 774-992-0585 today to let a local masonry contractor ensure proper ventilation.

Stay cozy all winter with a chimney installation

Seaside Masonry is a leading masonry contractor with over 30 years of experience in the industry. When you need someone you can trust to build a sturdy and reliable chimney for your home, rely on our skilled team for chimney installation. Inexperienced or shoddy construction can leave you exposed to serious smoke and fire risks.

Our chimney installation service is available at affordable rates in the New Bedford, MA area. Speak with us today to get started with a home inspection.